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Mandatory Disclosure Requirements - Updates

Mandatory Disclosure Requirements - Updates

Latest developments and country summaries from KPMG's EU Tax Centre.

Raluca Enache

Director, KPMG's EU Tax Centre

KPMG in the Netherlands


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Domestic implementation review

Austria (PDF 101 KB) Belgium (PDF 119 KB) Bulgaria (PDF 82 KB)
Czechia (PDF 100 KB) Croatia (PDF 80 KB) Cyprus (PDF 79 KB)
Denmark ( PDF 87 KB) Estonia (PDF 83 KB) Finland (PDF 88 KB)
France (PDF 79 KB) Germany (PDF 99 KB) Hungary (PDF 66 KB)
Ireland (PDF 85 KB) Italy ( PDF 89 KB) Luxembourg (PDF 72 KB)
Malta (PDF 77 KB) Netherlands (PDF 119 KB) Poland (PDF 92 KB)
Romania (PDF 86 KB) Slovakia (PDF 77 KB) Slovenia ( PDF 77 KB)
Sweden (PDF 81 KB) United Kingdom (PDF 87 KB)  

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KPMG insights into the EU Mandatory Disclosure Requirements

For a commentary on the new reporting requirements, please refer to the KPMG Summary and Observations document.

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