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Access Insights into IFRS®

Access Insights into IFRS®

Find out how to obtain your personal copy of Insights into IFRS.

Find out how to obtain your personal copy of Insights into IFRS.

14 September 2021

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Insights into IFRS is available as an e-book on Proview TM and in print.

Insights into IFRS is ideally placed to support you in applying IFRS® Standards consistently across your organisation. Whether you read Insights into IFRS in hard copy or e-book – or both – I hope it will prove a valuable companion in addressing your financial reporting challenges.

Reinhard Dotzlaw
KPMG’s global IFRS leader

Your helpful guides to financial reporting

Use Insights into IFRS alongside our suite of Guides to annual financial statements to form your complete guide to financial reporting under the Standards. 

You can also follow 'KPMG IFRS' on LinkedIn and access our IFRS Today podcasts and blog posts for the latest content and topical discussion.

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