The global order is unravelling. In every major country, our societies are divided more than ever into 'us' vs. 'them' camps, and we have seen business increasingly swept up in geopolitical stand-offs, both as pawn and player.

Yet as hyperbolic as the media coverage around these issues may be, there is much to feel positive about. As barriers rise in some parts of the world, they are coming down in others (think RCEP and CPTPP). Even populism can be a force for change, and is playing out in much more nuanced and business-friendly ways across social, security and economic policies in certain markets across the world.

This period of a 'G-Zero World', or geopolitical recession, is causing a tectonic shift in the global business environment, from reputation management to longer-term business resilience. But it is a shift that offers as much opportunity as it does risk.

KPMG and Eurasia Group have joined forces to explore how geopolitics is fundamentally changing the rules of the game for business - and how to take advantage of this political turbulence to transform and grow in a G-Zero world.

Read the full report here (PDF 2.4 MB).

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