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Sustainability blogs

Sustainability blogs

Access the latest sustainability blogs from the KPMG Global Sustainability Institute.

Mark McKenzie

Head of KPMG Global Center of Excellence for Sustainability Services

KPMG International


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The risk of human rights violations
Financial services organizations are being challenged as never before to recognize and respond to the serious risk of human rights violations within their operations and across their global networks of suppliers and partners.

The rise of responsible investment
See these four recommendations that institutional investors and companies should consider when building ESG policies.

In the eye of the storm
What are the insurance impacts of climate change? Find out in this Q&A with Karina Whalley, Public Sector Business Development Manager at AXA Global Parametrics.

Combating climate risks: The future of insurance
What can insurers do to improve the way they assess and manage the short and longer-term impacts of climate change?

Low carbon: A key pillar of the oil & gas people strategy
'Access to talent will be a game changer in navigating the energy transition' says Luci Love, Director in Management Consulting, KPMG in the UK.

Building effective climate governance
Mark McKenzie, Head of KPMG Global Center of Excellence for Sustainability Services, KPMG International, discusses how to manage your business's responses to the financial risks and opportunities of climate change.

Regulation responds to climate change
The pressure is on regulators to assist governments in meeting climate change commitments. Find out about new EU legislative proposals on sustainable finance and regulatory pronouncements.

What is needed to put a stop to modern slavery?
Approximately 40 million people are victims of modern slavery worldwide. In her new blog, Dr. Meg Brodie, Leader of Global Business & Human Rights Network, KPMG International, discusses what is needed to end modern slavery.

Is tax reform the key to driving circular business models?
Arnoud Walrecht, Leader of Circular Economy Services, KPMG in the Netherlands, discusses how widespread business adoption of circular models can be accelerated.

What will it take to move beyond GDP?
Despite the limitations of using GDP (gross domestic product) to measure progress, alternative indicators do not have the influence that GDP does. Rutger Hoekstra, Scientific Director, KPMG in the Netherlands, explains what is required to move beyond GDP and how to make this happen.

COP24: Key outcomes of the 24th UN Climate Conference
Business leaders called for bold action and clarity at COP24. Find out more about what was agreed at COP24 and what this means for business.

The new EU sustainable finance paradigm
Hear how to prepare for the EU's forthcoming regulatory changes and gain advantage in the new sustainable finance paradigm, from Tomas Otterström, Global Leader of Sustainable Finance Services, KPMG International. 

Reporting the SDGs: What good looks like
Find out how your business can demonstrate its societal impacts - both good and bad - by following this simple checklist from Adrian King, Global Leader of Sustainability Reporting & Assurance Services, KPMG International. 

Connected energy: Fueling the future
Can super grids and super nodes solve our energy demand problems? Find out more from Mike Hayes, Global Head of Renewables, KPMG International.

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