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Mind the Gap - Archive

Mind the Gap - Archive

Patiently manage peer and self-scrutiny
CEO Georgette Nicholas discusses building the career you want.

Gillian Larkins sees an upside to the downside
ASX’s Gillian Larkins discusses being resourceful to manage the ups and downs.

Cathy Bessant makes memorable connections
Bank of America’s Cathy Bessant finds ways for women to find and keep an edge.

Delphine Maïdou finds her career purpose
Allianz Africa’s Delphine Maïdou discusses listening to her believers to find her purpose.

Advising the next generation of women leaders
Joan Amble advises the next generation of women leaders.

Winnie Wong earns the crowd’s respect, softly
Asia Insurance’s Winnie Wong discusses ways to win battles with soft skills.

Inga Beale inspires women to dream big
Global CEO Inga Beale discusses ways to help women see themselves in big jobs.

Nordea Bank’s Jenny Garneij leaves her comfort zone
Nordea Bank’s Jenny Garneij talks about leaving your comfort zone.

Vibeke Krag deflects biased questions
Denmark’s Vibeke Krag discusses ways to deflect the biased questions women face.

Liz Field calls out unequal treatment
PIMFA’s Liz Field discusses tactics to ‘call out’ unacceptable behavior.

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable
Michele Meyer-Shipp talks about getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

PIMCO’s Sapna Shah makes networking natural
PIMCO’s Sapna Shah talks about her career and networking strategies.

AIA Singapore’s Aileen Tan leaves her comfort zone
AIA Singapore’s Aileen Tan discusses the importance of accepting risks.

Kris Isherwood takes risks, on her terms
Fidelity’s Kris Isherwood discusses how women can confidently take risks.

Marlene Debel spoke up to claim her spot
MetLife’s Marlene Debel talks about making your ambitions known.

AIG’s Alessa Quane leads, her own way
AIG’s Alessa Quane explores how to find your distinct leadership style.

Overcoming our fears and taking on new risks
A series depicting the leadership journeys of women in financial services.

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