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Blockchain spotlight: UN World Food Programme

Blockchain spotlight: UN World Food Programme

KPMG in Italy has advised the UN World Food Programme (WFP) on its blockchain project for Cash-Based Transfers (CBT), dubbed “Building Blocks”. The WFP was piloting this project in Jordan and looked to KPMG for help in evaluating the potential application of blockchain technology, identifying areas for improvement and mitigating risks, based on the pilot. The KPMG team considered potential risks related to the introduction of the blockchain technology in areas where such technology could potentially be used, such as supply chain operations and identity management; and guidance on how these risks should be addressed.

Throughout the engagement, the KPMG team demonstrated global blockchain knowledge, assembling the team with specialists from KPMG in Italy, the Netherlands and India, with subject matter expertise in blockchain for CBT and blockchain security. The team worked closely with the WFP internal audit team and project stakeholders to co-ordinate activities. The team has now completed the fieldwork in Italy and in Jordan, and the final report has been issued to the WFP's Blockchain Steering Committee.

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