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The journey begins with one question: Why? Unlocking new value starts with: ‘why?’

CEOs, C-suite leaders and their companies should be asking themselves one critical question before embarking on the Industry 4.0 transformation trail: 'Why?'

Why are you pursuing change? Are you simply trying to improve operational metrics? Change operating policy and procedure? Improve the effectiveness of your network? Potentially create new products and service offerings?

These are critical questions companies need to address today. Perhaps you desire only one of these outputs. Perhaps a bit of all. But each represents potential outcomes - 'destinations' for using Industry 4.0 enabling technologies. Businesses need to possess a clear understanding of their anticipated end-game.

It's also important to recognize the sphere of influence regarding your value choices. Control of operational value levers can be kept within the four walls of the organization. But once you move to supply chain and product levers, it extends both upstream and downstream of the four factory walls.

So which Industry 4.0 playing field are you going to be on - purely operational or transformative across the enterprise?

“Elements of the value chain were incorporated into their overall strategy. And that’s how companies should be thinking today as they pursue i4.0 transformation. Understand the value and performance factors of the business and then pursue the appropriate technology and related capabilities.” Carmelo Mariano Partner, Advisory and i4.0 Project and Country Leader KPMG in Italy

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