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Stronger together

Stronger together

KPMG has three global Inclusion and Diversity networks acting as virtual networks in places where there are no such networks within the local member firm.

KPMG global networks
By developing and participating in Global Inclusion and Diversity networks of professionals inside and outside of KPMG, we help to create a global community of trust by:

  • Sharing learnings, insights and strategies with each other.
  • Developing a better understanding of the challenges that we, our colleagues and clients face in the workplace, the marketplace and the community.
  • Combining resources and opportunities to amplify our reach and impact.
  • Fostering spaces where diverse voices can be heard and where we can demonstrate and practice inclusion of people from all backgrounds and points of view, particularly in places where they struggle to be heard or are subject to social, cultural or legal barriers.

KPMG has three global Inclusion and Diversity networks acting as virtual networks in places where there are no such networks within the local member firm.

  1. Global Pride at KPMG — GP@K (LGBT)
  2. KPMG Global Disability Network
  3. Global KNOW (KPMG Network of Women).

In addition, KPMG joined Open For Business at Davos back in January and are a member of Stonewall’s Global Programme. Both initiatives harness the power of businesses to support LGBT inclusion around the world.

Global Pride at KPMG

The first of our global networks to be launched in late 2017 to support our LGBT+ people and allies. 

“Inclusion is a key part of our corporate culture and a key element of our eXcite strategy. As Chairman of KPMG in Vietnam and Cambodia, I am immensely proud to launch our first ever official inclusion video. It is one of the first corporate videos of its kind in both Vietnam and Cambodia. This short video highlights exactly what we mean by inclusion at KPMG.”

Warrick Cleine
Chairman and CEO
KPMG in Vietnam & Cambodia

Anas Qartoumeh’s story

Anas Qartoumeh — a Syrian LGBT refugee — walked through the doors of KPMG’s office in Kelowna, Canada in mid-2018 and was finally able to bring his whole self to work.

“In Syria I had to prove I was masculine. I was dreaming that I had a moustache. I was trying to speak with a tough voice… I was meeting expectations. I was never being me. I was acting.”

One month after arriving in Canada, Anas got a job as a senior accountant at KPMG in Canada. They not only evaluated his work, and placed him in a position on par with what he left in Syria, they went out of their way to support him and his coming out. Anas was even made Kelowna‘s March Marshal at Pride this year. Read Anas’s story here.

KPMG in Vietnam and Cambodia launched their first inclusion video at the September Pride Rally in Hanoi. The video features the stories of four courageous KPMG employees, who share their stories of being LGBT and what it means to them to work for an inclusive employer. You can view the video on this link.

The KPMG Disability Network

KPMG’s Global Disability Network was launched in September 2018. KPMG is also a member of the Global Taskforce of the Business Disability Forum.

Global KNOW (KPMG Network of Women)

The Global KNOW was launched in late 2018. Crucially, we recognize the critical role men play in fostering gender inclusion, and we invite all our male colleagues to participate in the activities of the global KNOW. KPMG Australia was a founding member of Male Champions of Change.

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