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Moving beyond omnichannel

Moving beyond omnichannel

Telecommunications companies (telcos) have had to evolve their business models beyond phone and connectivity and into the technology and entertainment spaces to fend off competitive pressures and meet increasing customer demand for more diverse products and services.

As a result, telcos have expanded into new services and offered new devices and tools in the hope of winning, serving, and retaining customers. They have stepped out of their comfort zone, launching dedicated Websites, apps, and tools via a broad range of devices like PCs, smartphones, TVs and wearables ─ all in an effort to improve and expand customer interactions. However, telco executives are recognizing that the multi- and cross channel tactics widely in use today -- under the guise of “omnichannel” ─ fail to yield financial and business opportunities across the enterprise value chain.

To compete more effectively, capture the value they seek and break from the pack, telcos must evolve from cross- and multichannel tactics to become a connected enterprise, connecting the capabilities of the front, middle, and back offices so that customer centricity can become the focus of the entire business. Our white paper shares findings from KPMG International research, and highlights some of the steps required to become a connected enterprise.

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