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Key factors to driving success

These key 'enablers' are crucial to i4.0 success

Continually measuring and driving the evolution of the Industry 4.0 enterprise is fundamental to success on the manufacturing transformation journey. That makes it imperative to implement what we consider the critical enablers for success: new metrics and incentives, game-changing new skills, change management, governance, cyber security and more.

Metrics on the Industry 4.0 journey should certainly include, in the near term, traditional efficiency, quality and cost benchmarks. But the challenge now is to develop a futuristic new high-tech strategy that transcends the traditional benchmarks. Success hinges on the ability to generate deeper changes and benefits that include ongoing product improvement, rising customer satisfaction, market share gains, shareholder value and marketplace disruption.

Tomorrow's world promises intelligent, timely, precise new forms of performance measurement. This new ecosystem offers relevant, target-based data that's captured by Internet of Things sensors and combined, analyzed and communicated instantaneously.

Performance reporting and decision-making thus move into the realm of informed, data-based business insights and predictive capabilities. Optimized performance, decision making and competitiveness follow.

Find out what today's future-focused CEOs are asking themselves in their quest to drive smart, strategic transformation initiatives.

Five questions to ask for smarter 14.0 infographic

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