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Growing by knowing

Growing by knowing

KPMG global inclusion and diversity maturity model

The KPMG global inclusion and diversity maturity model proposes five stages of maturity that organizations go through on their inclusion and diversity journey: initiated, compliant, committed, performing and excelling/disrupting. As the level of maturity progresses, the cultural and marketplace value generated should increase.

The self-assessment tool is administered within a member firm by a cross-functional team including HR/inclusion and diversity practitioners and representatives of the business. Senior stakeholder support and involvement is crucial, particularly at the start and end of the process. Users remain in charge of the process throughout, and the aim is not just to conduct an evaluation for the sake of it, rather users are encouraged to create an inclusion and diversity action plan using insights gained from the self-assessment to focus on priority areas for the next period.

The model aims to:

  • Provide a simple and effective framework to identify a member firm’s functions or team’s current stage of inclusion and diversity maturity.
  • Provide a means for member firms to measure progress and manage their own inclusion and diversity initiatives.
  • Align member firms on definition and dimensions of inclusion and diversity at KPMG and what good looks like.
  • Drive consistency of messaging and understanding of KPMG’s global inclusion and diversity strategic framework across member firms.
  • Act as a blueprint for the roll-out of other global inclusion and diversity initiatives.

A method to kick-start inclusion and diversity actions plans everywhere it is used

The I&D maturity curve

KPMG member firms that took part in the initial launch have reported valuable impacts, including greater clarity around what inclusion and diversity means in different parts of the organization, the opportunity to discuss and agree on priorities for developing inclusion and diversity maturity levels, and increased support from senior stakeholders to achieve measurable change.

KPMG China conducted a self-assessment and created its first ever inclusion and diversity action plan as a result. They are now busy implementing the plan.

“The insights that KPMG in Germany gained about how inclusion and diversity is perceived by different people in the organization was definitely the most enriching for us.”

HR Team 
KPMG in Germany

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