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Diverse people at the forefront

Diverse people at the forefront

Harnessing the full diversity of our extraordinary people to serve our clients in a changing world

We all live in a rapidly changing world, where the old ways of thinking and doing are challenged and superseded every day. To keep pace with change we brought a global focus on the diversity of our clients and our teams, marrying the two together to truly reflect our diversity.

Fully engaged teams are both inclusive and diverse where everyone is free to contribute equally.  

We need to demonstrate our inclusion and diversity to be credible and authentic with internal and external stakeholders including clients, media, regulators and civil society. 

To do this we need to:

  • Build teams that are balanced and well-rounded, reflecting all aspects of diversity; thought, skills, appearance and background. Challenge ourselves when this doesn’t happen.
  • Lead and support the business and moral imperative for inclusion and diversity by collaborating with likeminded diverse and purpose-led stakeholders.
  • Work collaboratively with clients and other stakeholders to improve the inclusiveness of our workplaces and theirs.

Collaborating with our clients
Our vision is for our clients and communities to see themselves reflected in our teams. Our clients tell us how much value there is in working together on inclusion and diversity. These opportunities enrich the diversity of our client-facing teams, increase our own understanding of diverse markets and create new opportunities with our clients, whereby we can assist and educate their C-level executives on their basic inclusion and diversity knowledge.

“In the last year, KPMG has been working closely with clients in a range of sectors to strengthen our joint efforts to promote inclusion and diversity in our organizations and in the wider world. This has been an enriching experience for all. For example, KPMG and a global client joined Open for Business at the same time at Davos this year, allowing us to work together to support LGBT+ inclusion globally. By joining our efforts, we can make a greater impact in the community and achieve real change.” 

Mary Lou Maher 
Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity

The KPMG Global Life Sciences JAM

In January this year, almost 1,000 people joined the KPMG Global Life Sciences JAM, a 72 hour online conversation. Its aim was to determine the causes of attrition among healthcare professionals and identify practical interventions to overcome these. 

“The reality of diversity is here, within our own workforce, the workforce of our clients and our clients’ customer base. One of our reasons for continuing to push is to show the wider KPMG network and other organizations in the industry that it is possible to make change.” 

Chris Stirling
former KPMG Global Head of Life Sciences
KPMG International

The JAM highlighted five key findings: 

  1. Rethinking diversity; it’s wider than gender
  2. Unravelling unconscious bias 
  3. Fostering networks
  4. Enabling agile working
  5. Building accountability.

The sector now integrates the JAM results and actions into all of its global conferences and meetings. A workshop-in-a-box provides teams with an A-Z guide on how to run a local inclusion and diversity JAM workshop.

After the JAM, KPMG formed a Life Sciences Advisory Board so insights and actions are multiplied across organizations. Senior leaders from the Healthcare Business Women’s Association (HBA), GlaxoSmithKline, Astra Zeneca, and Johnson & Johnson joined the initiative.

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association awarded KPMG the 2018 ACE Award recognizing exemplary workplace initiatives helping to advance women in the business of healthcare.

For our people the JAM was testament to the sector’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.

“Thank you for inviting me to the advisory board. It was really remarkable, and enormously interesting. We all felt a real sense of momentum and shared purpose. I don’t often get the chance to have conversations like that, and I came away feeling genuinely inspired.” 

Professor Abigail Williams
St. Peter’s College, Oxford

Tackling stigma and bullying around HIV/AIDS

KPMG in the UK’s LGBT+ network, Breathe, in cooperation with life sciences clients and expertise from Terrence Higgins Trust, came together to educate personnel at KPMG in the UK on confronting stigma and bullying in the workplace. We discussed how the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS has evolved over time and how the lessons learned can be used to tackle bullying and prejudice more widely, exploring ways to:

  • build stigma free communities
  • foster workplaces that are inclusive and free of bullying and prejudice.

Supporting women on boards

WomenCorporateDirectors Foundation
KPMG’s commitment to increasing boardroom diversity is evidenced by our long-standing investment in the WomenCorporateDirectors Foundation. The WomenCorporateDirectors Foundation (WCD) is the world’s largest membership community of women corporate board directors serving on more than 8,500 public and private boards around the world. KPMG also supports the foundation at a local level, there are 80 WCD Chapters worldwide that draw on support from senior female partners taking on the role of WCD Chapter Co-Chair also providing operational support from local KPMG professionals. 

“There has never been a time in WCD’s history quite like this, where the opportunity to take a bold step forward can result in significant advancement for women everywhere. As a global organization, our collective voice can move the needle on board diversity.”

Susan C. Keating 
Women Corporate Directors Foundation

“I am pleased to be personally involved with a dynamic global organization that provides outstanding governance programming to its members. KPMG partners are volunteering their time to serve as chapter co-chairs around the world. This dedication comes from our belief in WCD’s mission and from our relationship as the Global Lead Sponsor of the WCD Foundation.”

Nancy Calderon  
WCD Board Member 
Partner KPMG in the US 
Global Lead Partner for IBM

Hampton Alexander Review 

KPMG in the UK has been proud sponsors of the Hampton Alexander Review (the Review) since 2016. The Review is an independent business-led initiative, supported by the UK Government and builds on the excellent work of its predecessor, the Davies Review. It set five key recommendations aimed at increasing the number of women on FTSE 350 Boards and in senior leadership positions, to a minimum of 33 percent by 2020.

Led by Sir Philip Hampton, Chair of GlaxoSmithKline plc, and formerly the late Dame Helen Alexander, the Review tracks progress of women in 23,000 leadership roles across FTSE 350 boardrooms and leadership teams and shares best practice on gender balance in British business. This year’s findings show encouraging progress with the number of women on FTSE 100 Boards exceeding 30 percent and women in leadership teams now at 27 percent. However, for FTSE 350 companies to meet the voluntary 33 percent target by 2020, there is still more work to do.

Read highlights from the 2018 Hampton Alexander Review

“In our society at large there is not equality of opportunity. And in turn, our businesses are (often unintentionally) not as meritocratic as we would like to think. If we are committed to rebuilding society’s trust in corporate Britain, we must change the fact that where you were born, who your parents were, your ethnicity, your sexual orientation, your disability and indeed your gender can still demonstrably influence the chance of you fulfilling your potential.”

Melanie Richards 
Deputy Chair 
KPMG in the UK

Developing women leaders 
Since 2014, KPMG in the US has served as title sponsor of the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, a collaboration between the PGA of America, LPGA and KPMG in the US which focuses on the development, advancement and empowerment of women on and off the golf course. 

The KPMG Women’s PGA Championship — broadcast in conjunction with NBC and Golf Channel — includes a women’s leadership summit (KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit) and an ongoing charitable initiative (KPMG Future Leaders Program) designed to inspire and develop new generations of women leaders. 

The KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit’s objective is to help move more women into the C-suite. At this year’s Summit, 66th U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, KPMG in the US Chairman & CEO Lynne Doughtie, and retired 4-star U.S. Navy Admiral Michelle Howard shared strategies, insights and lessons learned from their personal journeys with the next generation of women leaders nominated by their CEOs to attend, which included representation from more than 80 of the world’s leading brands.

KPMG in Japan 
Cultivating future female CFOs

KPMG in Japan runs a pro-bono program where client CFOs are invited to nominate women finance personnel to participate in a series of training programs to encourage women to climb the corporate ladder providing them with networking opportunities and building relationships with clients. 

KPMG in France
KPMG in France has been an official supporter of the EVE Program since 2010 with Danone, Crédit Agricole S.A., L’Oréal, SNCF, Orange, Caisse des Dépôts group, aiming to build strong and inspiring female leaders who will drive change within their companies.

KPMG in Ireland
20x20 women in sport initiative

KPMG in Ireland is a supporter of 20x20, a national movement to champion girls and women in sport. 20x20 is the first initiative of its kind in Ireland:  

The tagline “If she can’t see it, she can’t be it”, aims to create a measurable cultural shift in society increasing by 20 percent the participation, media coverage and attendance for women’s sport by 2020. 

Their Going for Growth initiative supports women entrepreneurs with achieving their growth ambitions. KPMG Ireland teams run facilitated workshops focused on tax, financial performance and funding, growth, and understanding legal and data protection issues.

KPMG in Luxembourg
#nowomennopanel initiative and Female Pioneers

KPMG in Luxembourg was one of the first to support the ‘no women no panel’ initiative. The initiative supports diversity on panels to foster gender balance; striving to build a more diverse, inclusive and multicultural professional world.

KPMG in Brazil
Leading on transgender inclusion 

KPMG in Brazil is supporting the drive for equal rights and inclusion for transgender people in the workplace. In collaboration with law firm Trench Rossi Watanabe KPMG in Brazil organized Market in TRANSformation, an event that focuses on increasing understanding of transgender legal rights and inclusion for transgender people in the workplace. 

“Building trust in the marketplace by mirroring the diversity of our clients and their customers” 

There has been a measurable shift in the way inclusion and diversity is perceived by client-facing teams, inclusion and diversity is now recognized as a business imperative and leaders realize that the diversity of the teams they field to clients is as important as the skill sets within them. 

“I have proactively intervened on all significant business pitches, group discussions, and insight center sessions to make sure KPMG presents a diverse outlook. This has meant moving away from hierarchy and actively looking for diverse opinions. I try to lead from the front, by saying I want to encourage flexible working — I work 4 days a week, am a single (widowed) parent and a full time career to 3 young children. 

On the Shell Leadership team we work on a principle of delegated leadership allowing people to lead and feel supported. I want to hear the voice of everyone so we encourage listening and correct “ego” led behavior. All of this contributes to why we have attracted a more diverse and significantly more female senior team to work on the account than a year ago. 

We also challenge KPMG member firms working on the account to explain their next generation talent pipeline, particularly around gender. We still have a long way to go, but it’s important we listen and adopt consistent principles and continue to push.”

Anthony Lobo 
Partner KPMG in the UK and
Global Lead Partner for Shell

"The KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit aims to advance and empower women, across multiple industries, by connecting today’s luminaries with the next generation of talent. Through this initiative and many others, KPMG in the US remains deeply committed to helping close the women’s leadership gap."

Lynne Doughtie
Chairman and CEO
KPMG in the US

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