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Authentic inclusive leaders

Authentic inclusive leaders

Growing inclusive and diverse leaders that pro-actively champion inclusion and build diverse teams

Developing inclusive leaders that proactively champion inclusion and build diverse teams who respect and support each other. They are a core component of our strategy, leading by example. Authentic inclusive leaders walk the talk every day. They are role models in our inclusion and diversity journey, inspiring change in our communities. 

“As the first female partner in the Isle of Man and first female president of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce, I have tried to act as a champion for diversity, particularly gender diversity.”

Micky Swindale
KPMG Islands Group

Understanding unconscious bias as a leadership imperative

KPMG in Canada
Unconscious bias training was developed in Canada in 2014, specifically focused on learning about cultural differences. It has since been tailored for various levels across the organization and rolled out across the KPMG network of member firms. Training is linked with accountability whereby all partners have formal accountability measures that impact partner remuneration.

KPMG in the US
KPMG Include
is a virtual learning solution that fosters day to day inclusion by helping individuals understand the unconscious biases that can influence the decisions we make every day, as well as how we can mitigate their impact and intentionally engage in behaviors to support and include all talent. More than one thousand partners and people managers have participated and more trainings are underway.

“I am proud that KPMG in Canada is at the forefront of inclusive policies and practices which value unique experiences and perspectives and respects the diversity of all our people.” 

Elio Luongo
Chief Executive Officer, Senior Partner
KPMG in Canada

Getting to know the people we lead

KPMG in the UK
A reverse mentoring program that equips senior leadership with a better understanding of the experiences of black heritage colleagues. Senior partners are paired with junior black heritage mentors who discuss their experiences at work and in life, sharing their personal stories about inclusion at work.

The positive results and impact contributed to KPMG in the UK winning the BITC Workplace Equality Award for recruitment.

“The reverse mentoring program provided a great opportunity to highlight the experience of black employees to senior management at KPMG, particularly through the careers workshop hosted with David. It highlights how, at whatever level, you can really make an impact at KPMG.” 

Lekan Doyin-Salau
Management Consultant, Financial Services  
KPMG in the UK 

“I have learned a great deal from Lekan. He has reminded me of what it is like to look at the firm as a less experienced colleague and wonder how to navigate all of the opportunities available. Lekan qualified this year. This brought back personal memories for me but most importantly increased my understanding of what it is like to be a BAME colleague and to see the world through different eyes.”

David Sayer
KPMG in the UK

KPMG in the US
The Reach-In connection is a simple yet very effective way to let people at KPMG in the US see how much the US firm cares about them. The first ever Reach-In reception was held at KPMG in the US’s Annual Partner Conference, matching more than 400 partners to diverse managers and senior managers selected from one of their seven Diversity Networks.

“We all have an important role to play in advancing inclusion and diversity — including elevating the next generation of leaders. It’s our responsibility to do our part to help great talent climb higher. Reaching in, offering a hand, and pulling them up… that’s how we can help others reach their potential.”

Lynne Doughtie
Chairman and CEO
KPMG in the US

Growing our women in leadership

KPMG Australia
The Bird-Walton leadership development and sponsorship program is designed to empower high potential women to increase their organizational impact with the confidence to take action when career opportunities arise. The program’s design recognizes that one of the greatest impediments to the advancement of women is their lack of access to senior sponsors. Over a 6-month period, the program challenges male partners to step outside their comfort zones and experience the workplace through the eyes of the women they sponsor. Similarly, the women are exposed to the dynamics of senior leadership and inspired with practical tools, knowledge and nuanced capabilities critical to becoming an effective leader with impact.

The program is named after Nancy Bird-Walton, (1915–2009), a pioneering aviator, and the founder and patron of the Australian Women Pilots’ Association.

“Our Bird-Walton program is having considerable success. It’s not only pulling more women into senior leadership and creating an inclusive environment but also equipping senior male partners with better understanding of industry best practices on gender thereby developing their capabilities as sponsors to high potential women.”

Gary Wingrove
KPMG Australia

KPMG in Germany
KPMG in Germany’s Power Mentoring program prepares senior high performing female managers for partnership. Participants receive resources and learning opportunities accompanied by active mentoring from experienced partners. These partners have intensive training to develop inclusive leadership competencies. The Power Mentoring program is part of a series of initiatives to increase the number of female partners.

“Power Mentoring was a highlight for me. I received positive feedback from my mentees for sharing with them my long lasting KPMG experiences. Being a mentor gave me deep insight about what is important for our people to be successful within KPMG and at the same time to achieve balance with their private expectations.”

Professor Martin Zieger
Audit Partner and Mentor
KPMG in Germany

“The intensive and challenging discussions with my mentor were such a helpful support for my personal development and in preparation for partnership. Being a mentee allowed me to raise my leadership skills and extend my personal network.”

Suzanne Völker
Audit Partner former Senior Manager and Mentee
KPMG in Germany

KPMG in India
The CEO of KPMG Global Services (KGS) Sameer Chadha, who is based in India, was awarded the 'Inclusion Leadership Award — 2018’ at the Beyond Diversity (BD) Foundation’s annual Inclusive Leadership Conference. The BD Foundation has been recognized for the past few years as one of the top 10 diversity consultants globally by two reputable business magazines.

“I think while diversity can also be driven by creating a culture of inclusion, which takes significant and sustained efforts, inclusive thinking has to come from the heart.”

Sameer Chadha
CEO of KPMG Global Services (KGS), based in India

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