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Attention, CEOs – a call to action

Conclusion: Attention, CEOs – a call to action

The Industry 4.0 transformation challenge demands timely new strategies as historic change rewrites the rules for success in the digital economy. Our call to action for business leaders is clear. It's time to act as dedicated change agents, pursuing Industry 4.0 intelligently and strategically.

CEOs and leaders need to own the journey and conclusively address the emerging threats to competitiveness and future prosperity. Yet, we are seeing an overwhelming lack of confidence and clarity on Industry 4.0 among businesses today. Few leaders appear willing - or prepared - to pursue a bold vision, relying instead on narrowly focused initiatives. A lack of knowledge and insight persist concerning the Fourth Industrial Revolution's potential - and the serious risk of inaction.

The need for strategic action is pressing. The time for experimentation is over. View the road ahead as an overarching business issue - not the latest IT challenge. Pursue value and performance first - not technology - to create holistic new manufacturing systems.

We say you can't buy your way to Industry 4.0 maturity. True transformation requires a precise, sequenced roadmap. It demands strategic programs that are enterprise-wide and forward-looking. And it requires the understanding that while today's businesses face unprecedented opportunities for growth and value, they also face new threats to future success and survival.

KPMG member firms are serving as a digital guide for businesses everywhere. And our report's key take-aways neatly sum up what we are saying - with a sense of urgency - to clients in every sector today regarding the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

KPMG's Key take-aways

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