One of the distinguishing features of the mobility ecosystem will be the sheer amount of data it generates - 4,000 gigabytes of data will be generated by a self-driving car per day, according to estimates.

Customer data will be generated in huge volumes and collected continuously. This will present enormous opportunities for service providers – to understand customer behaviours, predict their needs and offer personalised add-ons and enhancements. This in turn will drive new revenue streams.

But, it also raises a number of significant questions, particularly around how data will be managed and owned by different parties as it moves through the system. These implications will need to be carefully evaluated if businesses are to win consumers’ trust to collect this data and convert it into successful services and solutions.

What is clear is that the future is a world in which competitors will have to work together in shaping the future ecosystem through which data can flow safely and freely. Those who refuse and attempt to keep data to themselves are unlikely to succeed.

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