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Improving working conditions in factories

Improving working conditions in factories

A global industrial manufacturer based in Europe wanted to ensure that working conditions in its Asian factories respect the human rights of workers, as part of its strategy to be a more responsible company.

KPMG member firms in Europe and Asia identified human rights risks prevalent in the client’s sector and manufacturing locations. These risks included unfairly low wages, excessive working hours, unsafe working conditions and forced labor.

KPMG specialists conducted a comprehensive assessment of many of the client’s factories, including several on-site inspections. They uncovered many issues that needed to be addressed.

KPMG provided recommendations including training for senior management and staff members, and counteractive measures to prevent unsafe and unfair working conditions both in the client’s own operations and those of the client’s contractors. With KPMG’s support, the client took corrective action to improve the working conditions at its factories and reduce risk to the business.

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