Since 2011, respect for human rights has been formalized by the United Nations as a fundamental responsibility of business. As a result, corporations are under ever increasing pressure to identify any human rights infringements related to their business, and to address them quickly and effectively.

Failing to take the right action at the right time can risk legal action, investor divestment, negative publicity and financial and reputational damage.

However, taking decisive and successful action on human rights requires deep specialist knowledge and experience that can be limited within corporations.

That's why KPMG member firms have developed a worldwide network of professionals with specialist human rights experience who provide clients with expert advice on these complex challenges.

How we can help

KPMG professionals can support you at all stages of your business and human rights journey by helping to:

  1. Design policy
  2. Build capacity
  3. Identify risk
  4. Develop strategy
  5. Engage stakeholders and provide a remediation framework
  6. Support reporting and communications
  7. Set targets

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