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Verizon dials up customer support

Verizon dials up customer support

For a wireless carrier, customer service can determine whether customers continue rewarding you with their business or defect to another carrier. Verizon was known for customer service, but was concerned about increasing costs in contact center operations and a reduction in customer service metrics. The business and its employees were fragmented across functional groups, technologies, and geographies. The company knew they had to cut costs and increase efficiencies while continuing to provide the right level of customer service.

As a long-time trusted advisor, KPMG knew the business well. They invested more time to fully understand the challenges, recommend specific, holistic solutions, and assembled an experienced, best-of-the-best team to deliver a fresh perspective to Verizon's operating model, which included leveraging digital, data and analytics, and intelligent automation.

Our professionals were proud to help transform the contact center into a value center.

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