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NHS England shines spotlight on performance

NHS England shines spotlight on performance

The National Health Service in England relies on its Strategic Transformation Planning (STP) teams to ensure delivery on the nation’s five-year planning and its integrated care agenda on service quality, safety, finances, leadership and prevention. To improve monitoring and management of STP performance and drive success on all fronts, the NHS in England (NHSE) set out to implement a radical new interactive dashboard designed to deliver instantaneous performance tracking, updates and trend analysis across key operations.

Turning to KPMG’s health-sector and data-and-analytics experts for help, NHSE leaders launched a digital dashboard that’s now helping to shine a revealing new spotlight on key performance metrics, while data-based tools are delivering unprecedented insights on health services, outcomes and future needs.

The dashboard’s capabilities are accessible to an array of users across England and are now relied on as the go-to source for trusted input, insights and guidance on NHS performance and five-year planning.

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