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KPMG Organic Growth Barometer 2018

KPMG Organic Growth Barometer 2018

The KPMG Organic Growth Barometer reveals the top-performing companies in the consumer goods sector.


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Growth in the consumer goods industry is slowing. Consumer expectations are constantly evolving and becoming harder to satisfy profitably. The demand for innovative products and experiences have paved the way for increased competition from disruptive start-ups entering the market. As new brands continue to emerge, brand loyalty has become fickle. This is impacting sales growth and squeezing profit margins. What’s more, advances in technology are taking over. Companies that are slow to integrate digitalization into their customer offerings and day-to-day back office operations are being left behind.

With so many forces to grapple with, achieving organic growth isn’t simple. The KPMG Organic Growth Barometer is a unique database that compares the organic revenue growth of the largest consumer packaged goods companies listed on the US and European stock exchanges from 2013 to 2017. As well as revealing the top performers, it also presents the latest insights on the strategies and tactics that these companies have used to achieve growth.

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