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Evolving LIBOR

Transitioning to LIBOR

Risk free rates - are you ready?

Planning the transition to new Risk Free Rates.

Across global jurisdictions, the financial services industry, working groups, and regulators are focused on efforts to choose and transition to alternative risk-free rates (RFR). In a highly uncertain environment, individual financial institutions must assess and plan for the potential impact of a transition away from LIBOR on their products, infrastructures, and customers. LIBOR is used within a broad range of financial instruments involving trillions in USD worldwide. Financial institutions can expect its decommission to significantly impact most of their functions and businesses.

KPMG professionals are guiding numerous firms in structuring initial 90-day LIBOR transition plans that encompass enterprise-wide governance, contract identification, strategic planning, and the inventory of systems, infrastructure, and functions that require change. They understand the critical need for the use of cognitive technologies (including natural language processing, machine learning, and other capabilities enabled by artificial intelligence) in parallel with a flexible approach that keeps end-users and customers at the forefront of transition planning.

We are producing regular content - the Evolving LIBOR series - to help firms easily digest the complex changes transitioning from LIBOR to Risk Free Rates may generate. You can click below to read our thought leadership, technical insight and regulatory round ups of the latest news and views emerging in this period of transition.

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