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Finland government

A digital journey for Finland's e-government

A digital journey for Finland's e-government

Recognizing the rapidly evolving needs and expectations of its citizens and businesses, Finland’s government decided there was no time to lose in propelling its government services into the digital age.

The Nordic nation thus set out on a bold three-year plan to create a revolutionary e-services platform that would transform its public services and communications capabilities. A key objective was delivering to Finnish citizens and businesses fast, convenient, secure online access to information, services and transactions. New cost efficiencies were also high on Finland’s list of goals. By making its public administration more accessible and efficient, Finland also had an eye on creating new private-sector business opportunities.

The government chose KPMG to get its e-services platform up and running by 2017 and the results – and public response – have been outstanding. KPMG subsequently won a new three-year contract to enhance and expand the platform.

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