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Skoda and a parking lot

Skoda hits the fast lane

Skoda hits the fast lane

Skoda India’s roadmap for the future had a clear destination: ramp up product offerings and drive growth in India’s booming auto market. Critical to success was delivering a consistently excellent customer experience on the floor at each of their 70-plus dealerships. Skoda enlisted KPMG in India to help steer them in creating a unified and outstanding experience across every dealership’s customer sales and service journey.

KPMG’s professionals identified the gaps and ‘pain points’ in Skoda’s existing customer experience and devised a sweeping initiative for dramatic improvement.

The result? A comprehensive new training and innovation program that included: major process changes to integrate technology and mobility platforms; new dealer management and measurement systems; data analytics tools to monitor customer data; and enhanced digital marketing and sales pitches. Customer engagement and satisfaction have increased and so have sales.

Skoda is now in the fast lane to driving growth.

For more information, please contact:

Aditya Rath, KPMG in India

Sameer Kanegaonkar, KPMG in India

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