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Rise of the humans: The integration of human and digital labor

Rise of the humans

Read how KPMG’s foremost thinkers in HR see intelligent automation and artificial intelligence revolutionizing the workplace.


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The integration of human and digital labor

As intelligent automation and artificial intelligence continue to revolutionize the workplace, one question remains at the top of every leader’s list: what will happen to the jobs?

In this in-depth feature, some of KPMG’s foremost thinkers in Human Resources consider that question from every angle. From their perspective, the doom and gloom that dominate the digital labor debate are unfounded. Instead of massive unemployment from labor automation, there is the real potential for cognitive technologies to spur new jobs and make every employee an innovator.

Rise of the humans infographic

*McKinsey Global Institute, "Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business and the global economy", May 2013. †Dorothy S. Brady, editor, National Bureau of Economic Research, “Output, Employment, and Productivity in the United States after 1800.

The authors detail the ways in which jobs could be affected, from using artificial intelligence to enhance an employee’s abilities to using cognitive automation to replace jobs from the ground up. Then, they apply them to a hypothetical case study within Human Resources for a realistic example, coming to a tangible conclusion: the five key steps to help leaders integrate human and digital labor.

Rise of the humans five steps

KPMG LLP, "Rise of the humans", 2016 (p9)

To conclude, the authors make it clear that through proper management and leadership, the KPMG point of view is that this Fourth Industrial Revolution will not be to the benefit of the robots, but to the humans.

Read the full story on the benefits of digital labor (PDF 1.07 MB).

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