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Responsible Tax Roundtable in Paris

Responsible Tax Roundtable in Paris

Responsible Tax Roundtable in Paris

The impact of digitalization on tax regimes globally is one of the key topics in the tax world today. At the start of March the OECD published its Interim Report to the G20 – “Tax Challenges Arising from Digitalisation” – and this shows the extent of disagreement between countries, except on the need for further work to be done. On 21 March the EU Commission published proposals for a Digital Services Tax (an interim measure which taxes turnover from advertising, sale of data and operating a platform at 3%) and a new concept of a Significant Digital Presence (a longer term solution for creating a deemed permanent establishment (PE) to tax profits from digital services provided via a digital interface.)

With this as the backdrop, the latest Responsible Tax Roundtable was held at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) offices in Paris, to consider the issues through a responsible tax lens.

Below are some perspectives from KPMG Leaders and participants that attended the roundtable.


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