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Governing the bot revolution: intelligent process automation

Governing the bot revolution

KPMG’s David B. Kirk explains why businesses should use an even hand to make the most of digital labor solutions.


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The how and why of intelligent process automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a powerful new method of shifting to digital labor using technology such as rules engines, workflows and screen scraping. It may be less sophisticated than other types of artificial intelligence, but it promises to deliver immense value to organizations, many of which are using it as a replacement for traditional methods like offshoring.

But in this piece by KPMG’s David B. Kirk, he argues that RPA’s ease of implementation can actually lead to a host of downsides for the enterprise as a whole. Instead of rushing in, he suggests aiming for intelligent process automation, built from the enterprise up.

Governing the bot revolution chart

KPMG LLP, "Governing the bot revolution", 2017 (p8)

The tendency is for organizations to get carried away because RPA tools run at the user level, require no deep integration efforts and can be installed on a desktop computer. When they begin to see meaningful benefits in a matter of months, a host of tools get installed to catch that lightning in a bottle. As Kirk explains, though, as businesses evolve and automation platforms change, often those organizations can end up with half-baked implementations that hinder rather than help.

To balance control and speed, KPMG recommends balancing control and speed in a hybrid model that includes an enterprise-wide approach with the governance to make it effective now and for the future. This can help organizations reap a variety of benefits:

Governing the bot revolution infographic

*Forecast Snapshot: Robotic Process Automation, Worldwide, 2016 (Gartner, December 30, 2016) †The RPA Market Will Reach $2.9 Billion By 2021 (Forrester, February 13, 2017)

In the end, Kirk offers a number of tips for success, to make the most of RPA in an intelligent, enterprise-wide solution.

Read the full story (PDF 1.58 MB).

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