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@gov: Open for disruption

How data can drive governments into the future

A collection of articles about how transformative technologies affect governments.

Liz Forsyth

Global Head of Government & Public Sector, Global Lead for Human & Social Services

KPMG International


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@gov is a digital magazine from KPMG International dedicated to the pressing issues facing global governments today. In this digest, entitled “Open for disruption”, our professionals have collected a series of articles about how transformative businesses and technologies can and will affect governments in the near future.

‘Government as usual’ is no longer an option

In the feature article, Charles Collier, Principal at KPMG in the US, examines the challenges and opportunities facing those in charge of governmental technology.

With size comes complexity, and people often view governments as technological laggards. But with a Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the helm, it is KPMG’s view that state and local governments (SLGs) can be leaders in their own right. Unfortunately, many SLG CIOs are dealing with flat or decreasing budgets, and many are trapped by expensive legacy software applications and IT infrastructures.

KPMG International, "@gov: Open for disruption". 2017

KPMG International, "@gov: Open for disruption". 2017

To respond, it is necessary for SLG CIOs to transform their IT service delivery model for cost savings, often with a focus on digital labour. With data-driven technologies like intelligent automation staff can be assisted in their jobs by digital labor, freeing them up for more innovative work.

Innovation is open

Also included in “Open for disruption” are:

  • An interview with Alex Benay, Canada’s CIO, who explains how he plans to revolutionize the country’s approach to open data.
  • An examination of the movement of health and human services to new commissioning models, based on a use of data and a better understanding of customer needs.
  • A unique look into how blockchain technology is helping the US State of Delaware and the UK’s Land Registry to track events and minimize fraud.

Discover how KPMG can help global governments meet new challenges. Read the issue for the full articles.

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