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Global CIO survey with Harvey Nash: The transformational CIO

Global CIO survey with Harvey Nash

In partnership with Harvey Nash, KPMG’s 2018 CIO survey finds that new technologies are at the top of the agenda for organizations around the world.

Lisa Heneghan

Chief Digital Officer

KPMG in the UK


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The transformational CIO

The world of technology is changing fast, and in step with it is the role of the Chief Information Officer. While more CIOs in 13 years are reporting that their budgets have grown, the future of those budgets, and indeed the best place to spend them, can feel unknown.

It is for reasons like these that each year we partner with IT specialists Harvey Nash to conduct our annual Global CIO Survey. The results do more than show us the state of the industry; they also show us where KPMG can focus our energies in helping organizations transform for the digital future.

This year, the findings show a trend of preparation, but perhaps not yet one of return on investment. In fact, eight in ten responding CIOs feel their digital strategy is only moderately effective, or worse.

The industry should not be disheartened by this result. In truth, many of these strategies are still in their infancy, and the new technologies being adopted as part of them cannot improve business alone. As they become more incorporated into existing or redesigned business processes, their potential will truly be unlocked.

At the same time, there are clear trends in technologies that can help businesses position their priorities to keep up.

KPMG International and Harvey Nash

KPMG International and Harvey Nash, "The transformational CIO". 2018.

With artificial intelligence poised to change so much of how we do business, it is no surprise that CIOs report it as a major focal point. For many, however, how to make that transformation is unclear. That’s why KPMG has created and implemented strategies for AI for organizations around the world.

No matter how the role of CIO transforms in the years to come, our mission is to be right there with you, making the changes more efficient and less disruptive.

For these insights and much more, read the full survey.

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