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Seven disruptive forces in life and health insurance

Seven disruptive forces in life and health insurance

A range of megatrends are driving fundamental changes in the way we live and work.


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The insurance market is changing and there are three reasons why we see this disruption taking place:

  1. Customers are demanding the same level of service from insurance as they have become accustomed to in other parts of their lives
  2. Sectors are converging enabled by data and technology, and reducing barriers to entry
  3. Availability of data and advancements in algorithms are driving improvements in product design and pricing, customer experience and cost of fulfilment.

When applied to life and health insurance, we see seven connected forces significantly reshaping the market:

  • Funding longer lives
  • The powered customer
  • Ecosystem of services
  • Augmented super agents
  • Gig marketplace
  • The currency of data
  • Value chain reimagined

A series of videos that examine each disruptive force, considering the likely market impact and resulting opportunities it could create, will be available over the coming months. As a new force is launched each week, links to the associated videos can be found on this page.

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