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Global Tax Disputes Webcast

Global Tax Disputes Webcast

Global Tax Disputes Webcast

Global Tax Dispute Resolution & Controversy Network Webcast – New developments in Canada, Mexico and Brazil

The evolution of new revenue authority initiatives and their continued collaboration efforts have created a difficult world for global organizations, as multinational taxpayers continue to experience a challenging disputes environment.

Join us on Thursday 16 August for a Global Disputes webcast in which we will discuss the latest disputes developments in three critical jurisdictions: Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Learn from the KPMG tax disputes leaders from each of those countries, as they share their experiences about the following:

  • Trends in tax litigation
  • Recent changes in the Canada Revenue Agency’s use of business intelligence and data analytics to identify high risk taxpayers
  • New restrictions on the ability to correct tax filing mistakes
  • Top income and indirect tax audit issues
  • Impact of recent Brazilian Supreme Court decisions on the tax disputes scenario
  • New Brazilian regulations on pre-litigation proceedings
  • Benefits of the conclusive agreement before the Tax Ombudsman in México (PRODECON) as the new mediation procedure before going to administrative appeal and Courts

Watch the webcast replay

Watch the replay

Download (PDF 560 KB) the presentation