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The difference in our approach

The difference in our approach

Why clients work with KPMG

We take a business-first approach. Our network is focused on using data-driven technologies to solve complex business issues. 

Every day, our professionals leverage their deep industry and process knowledge to create analytics and automation solutions. And that means they are continuously transforming business and operating models across the full spectrum of the value chain.

Recognizing that innovation comes from all directions, we have also established a robust ecosystem that drives implementation speed, adds global scale and provides access to latest technology and thinking. That is what makes us different. 

KPMG Lighthouse: Lighting your way forward

Data-driven technologies are embedded in everything KPMG member firms do. To make that breadth of service possible, there is KPMG Lighthouse. It is the Global Center of Excellence for data, analytics, artificial intelligence and intelligent automation, across tax, audit and advisory.

KPMG Lighthouse teams leverage data, analytics, intelligent automation and artificial intelligence technologies to build and deliver solutions that transform the business of our clients.

With a global network of over 12,500 experts – including data scientists and engineers – KPMG Lighthouse coordinates everything from ‘behind the scenes’ to help increase pace and value for clients of KPMG’s network.

KPMG Lighthouse’s regional hubs in strategic markets provide specialty resources to local teams. This helps ensure KPMG member firms can approach clients with a clear view of their data and how to turn their insights into value.

Trusted Analytics: Giving you a reason to trust the data.

Trust in data and analytics is fundamental to extracting full value and insights.

Learn more about Trusted Analytics.

Global Ecosystem: working with strategic partners

With the speed that technology is moving, organizations need a team that can keep up. KPMG’s data-driven technologies are designed to stay current. KPMG has developed strategic alliances to help build tools and methodologies, allowing an extended market reach, amplified value and scaled capabilities.

KPMG has strategic technology partnerships across the emerging technology landscape, including Microsoft, Oracle, IBM Watson and Google. We co-innovate with our partners to supplement our solutions with cutting-edge data and analytics and artificial intelligence applications and platforms to help clients digitally transform their enterprise.

Look to our alliance website for more information.

KPMG Clara: Defining a new era of audit.

KPMG Clara is a smart audit platform that uses data-driven innovations to help auditors take a massive leap forward. Whereas in the past, companies rarely had the computing power to analyze all of their transactions, KPMG Clara is designed to break down those barriers and allows audit professionals to see things with greater clarity and generate deeper and richer insights.

KPMG Clara circle connected via lines

Rather than a web of modules and bolt-ons, KPMG Clara is one coherent, interconnected ecosystem. It is rooted in an audit methodology and international auditing standards. And it is agile, scalable and ready for future innovations like artificial intelligence.

By leveraging KPMG Clara, our network of member firms can provide powerful insights into your business that you may not have known were possible. Learn more about KPMG’s Audit function.

Download our KPMG Clara Brochure (PDF 547 KB).

Global Ignition: Enabling momentum into the future of data-driven technologies.

KPMG Ignition is our global end-to-end innovation network, purposefully designed to help organizations become future-ready. Our immersive environments offer visitors a journey of exploration and ideation, research and fact-finding, innovation development and activation. Leveraging a variety of techniques and technologies, we help clients look ahead and see their disruptions, challenges and opportunities in ways they never have before. 

KPMG Insights Centers
Using sophisticated analytics and new technologies, we help clients unlock the potential of data to gain new insights to drive smarter, more informed decisions.

KPMG Innovation Labs
KPMG Innovation Labs enable clients to identify signals of change that will help them outpace rapid disruption and tackle business complexities. 

KPMG Technology Solutions
KPMG Technology Solutions deliver a wealth of experience – from developers, designers, data scientists, engineers, strategists and transformation specialists – to help organizations increase their progress and execute real innovation  with data and analytics. 

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