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Our difference

Our difference

KPMG Lighthouse: Lighting your way forward

KPMG Lighthouse is the Global Center of Excellence for data-driven technology.

KPMG Lighthouse teams take a business-first approach to leverage the latest data, analytics, intelligent automation and artificial intelligence technologies to help build and deliver solutions that are designed to transform clients’ businesses.

With a global network of over 14,000 experts – including data scientists and engineers – KPMG Lighthouse coordinates from ‘behind the scenes’ to help increase pace and value for clients.

KPMG Lighthouse’s 17 regional hubs in strategic markets provide specialty resources to local teams. This helps ensure KPMG member firms can approach clients with a clear view of their data and how to turn their insights into value.

See our AIG Life & Retirement client story.

Global Ecosystem

With the rapid pace of technological advancement, organizations need a team that can keep up. KPMG’s data-driven technologies are designed to stay current. KPMG has developed strategic alliances to help build tools and methodologies, allowing for an extended market reach, amplified value and scaled capabilities.

KPMG has strategic technology relationships across the emerging technology landscape, including Microsoft, Oracle, IBM Watson and Google. We co-innovate with our alliances to supplement our data-powered solutions with leading data and analytics and artificial intelligence applications and platforms to help clients digitally transform their enterprise.

Look to our alliance website for more information.

Our data-powered solutions

In today’s fast changing environment, it is all about speed and scale. That is why we have created a suite of proprietary solutions to help KPMG professionals deliver on their clients’ diverse needs.

Learn more about our solutions.

Trusted Analytics

Trust in data and analytics through governance methodologies like our AI In Control solution is fundamental to extracting value and insights.

Learn more about trusted analytics.

KPMG Insights Centers

The KPMG Insights Centers are high-tech collaborative environments, where KPMG professionals explore data-driven technologies, emerging trends, and the latest analytic solutions and services from across the KPMG global network. We bring complex data enabled technologies to life, and help organizations make finer — and faster decisions. Together with clients, we can help them discover, innovate and transform their business.

Learn more about our Insights Centers.

Contact us

To learn more about why KPMG is the right choice for your unique business challenge, reach out to one of our data-driven technology leaders.

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