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Supply chain

Supply chain

If you don't reinvent your supply chain, your customers will do it for you

René Vader

Global Head of Consumer & Retail, KPMG International; Partner, Advisory Leadership

KPMG in France


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How demand-driven is your supply chain? In most cases, the honest answer to that is: not as demand-driven as we’d like it to be.

Technology has been deployed to transform elements of the consumer industry’s supply chain. What is lacking, too often, is the integration of the function into the rest of the business. The challenge, as Erich L. Gampenrieder, KPMG’s Global Head of Operations Advisory and Global Operations Center for Excellence, says, is to tear down the walls between functions, then between business units and then between your organization and the external environment, collaborating with customers, suppliers or business partners to create ecosystems that will help manufacturers and retailers compete with powerful platform businesses.

Demand-driven supply chains correlate to growth
Chart: ROI on demand-driven supply chains

Source: 2018 Top of Mind Survey

A completely different mindset, embracing sensible risks and opening up the function, will be required in a market where, by 2035, the industry supply chain may start and end in the consumer’s home.

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