The changing customer experience landscape

The wealth management industry is undergoing a time of significant global change. From disruption from fintechs and other digital challengers, to an ever-increasing regulatory burden and changing customer attitudes, wealth managers are being pressured on multiple fronts. Traditional boundaries between wealth segments are beginning to blur, and models for accumulating and managing wealth are converging.

In our latest global thought leadership Refocus on the customer: How customer experience is shaping the future of wealth management, we investigate the role of the customer experience. We conducted in-depth interviews with senior executives across a variety of traditional and digital wealth managers in eight global markets: Australia, Canada, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

We examine the following areas in the thought leadership:

  • role of the customer experience in the success of wealth and long-term savings organizations
  • latest industry and technological developments for customers
  • lessons and examples from other sectors
  • critical features of winning firms in wealth management

Creating customer focus: How can firms respond?


Face to Face chart
Digital needs chart

Winning for customers - now and years to come

As firms consider their current position and strategy for the road ahead, the critical considerations are:

  1. Who their customers are today and in the future
  2. Inspiring trust through empathy
  3. Offering genuine usability and personalization
  4. Delivering value for money

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