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Brexit: Impact on asset managers and investment funds


1st June - The industry faces potentially the single biggest impact on cross-border financial services in a generation — Brexit.

Considered an unlikely event in early 2016, the UK’s exit from the EU is now fast approaching. Brexit is not just about the future of London as a financial centre or of the UK-based asset and fund management industry. Firms within other EU Member States (“EU27”) and elsewhere will be affected.

Progress has recently been made in the political negotiations, but key issues remain to be resolved. However, the regulatory analysis for asset managers and investment funds, and the attendant Brexit risks to their operations remain largely unchanged from our analysis in 2016. Indeed, the European Commission issued papers in February 2018 that confirmed our analysis.

Read Brexit: Impact on asset managers and investment funds (PDF 1.4 MB) our short insight paper to understand the implications of Brexit for the asset management and investment funds sector.

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