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The European Elite 2018

Football Clubs' Valuation

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The foundation of this report is an analysis of the latest publicly available financial statements for the 32 football clubs selected for the purpose of this publication.

  • With a combined Enterprise Value of EUR 32.5 billion, the aggregate value of Europe's 32 leading clubs grew by 9 percent in comparison to last season. 
  • Eye-catching transfer deals and spiralling staff costs have not prevented clubs from registering a striking upward trend, as the profits before taxes increased by some 17 times compared to the previous year.
  • Manchester United FC (EUR 3,255 million) top the list ahead of the two Spanish giants (FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF), extending their lead with a year-on-year growth of 5%, remaining the only club above the EUR 3 billion threshold in Enterprise Value. 
  • English clubs, enjoying significantly higher broadcasting revenues than their peers, occupy nine spots in the top 20 as a result of West Ham United FC joining the ranking. Out of those nine teams, six are to be found in the top 10.
  • UEFA Champions League finalists Real Madrid CF (EUR 2,920 million) and Liverpool FC (EUR 1,580 million), stand in the second and eight positions respectively in KPMG's ranking.

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