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Geared for growth

Geared for growth

This year’s Latin America CEO Outlook finds executives focused on the positive: a move away from populist politics, and a global economy in sync with an economic recovery across most of the region – particularly for the middle class.

KPMG LA CEO Outlook chart with 96 percent

CEOs continue to invest in digital transformation, AI and a more personalized customer experience but in a very different environment than their global counterparts. The relatively high cost of capital and the fluctuating currencies in the region mean that any investment in disruptive technologies must meet a high standard for returns in the long and short term.

However, technologies that may offer only marginal improvement in other parts of the global business world have the potential for far more significant gains in Latin America. There are benefits to standing slightly back from the cutting edge, but there is also runway for the region’s CEOs to accelerate investments in strategic talent, collaboration, and digital technologies that tend to lag the global average.

Latin American CEOs’ robust confidence in the region’s continued economic recovery should provide a catalyst to unlock this abundant promise.

Though there is a greater sense of security in home markets, Latin American CEOs are feeling more challenged than ever to keep pace with constantly evolving cybersecurity risk, most commonly identified as the greatest threat to Latin American organizations’ growth (up from fourth last year).

Geared for growth: Latin America's CEOs prepare for a more integrated future (PDF 1.19 MB), draws insights from the 278 CEOs recently surveyed in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela, and highlights the unique factors influencing these CEOs as well as what sets them apart from their global counterparts.

Read Geared for growth in Spanish:
Encaminados al crecimiento: Los directores generales de América Latina se preparan para un futuro más integrado (PDF 1.17 MB)

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