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Buying into digital procurement at Vodafone

Buying into digital procurement at Vodafone

The Vodafone Procurement Company, a global leader in its field, had an exciting but uniquely challenging vision to become the world’s first fully digital procurement company. What it needed was a precise strategy to bring its digital dream to life in ways that would deliver unprecedented new efficiencies. Enter KPMG’s trusted team of experts, who took on the critical challenge of transforming Vodafone’s ambition into ground-breaking digital capabilities and services.

KPMG in Germany and Vodafone decided to join forces with Microsoft on this special assignment and, working together, they developed a remarkable new platform called Procurement 365 Digital. It’s the world’s first fully collaborative and centralized digital procurement platform, designed from the ground up to automate strategic procurement using advanced cognitive tools and capabilities.

Procurement 365 Digital is delivering advanced new services, significant cost savings and unprecedented efficiency for Vodafone’s global ecosystem and business partners. The procurement function has truly been transformed for the digital age.

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Sven Linden, KPMG in Germany

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