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Building healthier margins at Saint Luke's

Building healthier margins at Saint Luke's

Data tells stories. Since its earliest days, when Kansas City was a frontier trading town, Saint Luke’s Health System has listened to the stories of the people it serves and sought new ways of delivering better care and more value.

Today, as the healthcare market experiences seismic shifts, Saint Luke’s wanted to find the stories hidden in its vast database to ensure that it was continuing to deliver on its promise of excellent care.

We helped the health system review more than 100,000 previously paid insurance claims, compare its rates to the competition, and harness the power of that vast data trove. We created a powerful, customized tool that will enable Saint Luke’s to analyze and negotiate future rates, generate more revenue and, ultimately, enhance the quality of its patients’ experiences and the value-based care it provides to the community it serves.

Now that’s a good story.

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Michael A. Beaty, KPMG in the US

Joseph F. Kuehn, KPMG in the US

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