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Learning better patient care with NHS

Learning better patient care with NHS

Good healthcare matters and it depends on effective leadership. Until recently there were no national standards for leadership in the National Health Service, a weakness highlighted by the Francis Report of 2013. Following the creation of the NHS Leadership Academy in 2013, KPMG led an international consortium of academics, design consultants and technology experts to create two of the largest and most innovative leadership development programmes in the world.

While several of the world's great universities contributed to curriculum development, patients were also closely involved in the design and delivery of content. Technology-enabled platforms blended live learning with a virtual campus featuring immersive scenarios-based on real life events. Award-winning, life-changing and performance-enhancing, this is a practical learning and development initiative that is having a clear and continuing impact on the quality of front-line patient care.

What's more, governments and corporations across the world are using this as a model to build their own programs. The complexities and dilemmas involved in the management of modern healthcare present some of the most difficult challenges facing our society. But this project clearly illustrates what can be achieved by multi-disciplinary teams working together for a clear and shared purpose.

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Andrew Hine, KPMG in the UK

Claire Warnes, KPMG in the UK

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