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Global Mobility Services


Global Mobility Services


The KPMG LINK Work Force suite of global mobility tools, combined with KPMG’s services, can help streamline and simplify the management of your global mobility program. Our web-based, integrated, and user-friendly tools can be tailored to a company’s assignment program and can be used in multiple languages.

How can globally mobile employees use KPMG LINK Work Force?

KPMG LINK Work Force is a powerful resource that international assignees can use throughout their assignments.

They can:

  • exchange information with KPMG firms securely and conveniently
  • access data collected for both home and host country tax return preparations
  • enter required information only once (information is automatically shared for multiple countries)
  • build relevance by interactively presenting follow-up questions based on previously entered answers
  • learn about home and host country tax obligations
  • view the status of a tax return or tax equalization/settlement calculation, and retrieve documents, such as a completed tax return or certificate of coverage.

How can global mobility managers use KPMG LINK Work Force?

KPMG LINK Work Force provides a single portal for all stakeholders and can help streamline the management of a globally mobile population. Through the portal you can provide tailored views to each user and configure workflows to support key processes in the assignment lifecycle, depending on the tools you leverage.

  • Dashboard and status report center: the dashboard provides a high level, graphical status of all tax compliance at both the program and individual employee levels, with multiple portlets that can be added to or removed from your personalized dashboard.
  • Taxpayer documents: a place for you to retrieve international assignee specific documentation, such as tax equalization summary information, hypothetical tax calculations, and assignment letters.
  • Online collaboration: access to online space for you to work collaboratively with KPMG member firm professionals and your own company’s management on projects, initiatives, and ongoing engagement management.
  • Travel tracker: generate real-time travel and workday reports based on data entered by the assignee. The travel tracker can be particularly beneficial in determining an employee’s filing or withholding obligations.
  • Benchmarking center: houses the Global Assignment Policies and Practices Survey, the first web-based survey of its kind, which provides immediate data and enables you to compare global mobility policies across peer organizations.

In addition to KPMG LINK Work Force technology, the GMS practice offers a host of assignment management, financial modeling, and compensation collection tools to facilitate the management of programs of all sizes.

KPMG LINK Cost Projector: helps multinational companies quantify the assignment and tax costs associated with sending employees on both short and long-term international assignments.

  • Identifies tax obligations and keeps budgets under control.
  • Gives companies the power to effectively structure assignments and select the right candidate.

KPMG LINK Enterprise Assignment Manager: provides an end-to-end process and data management solution with integrated analytics, work flow, and robust reporting functionality.

  • Helps prepare for, and manage tax and payroll issues, compensation incentives and assignment structuring.
  • Provides robust cost projections with company-specific policies and granular allowance calculations.
  • Facilitates the global payroll and tax compliance process and manages the administrative side of the move to track and keep costs down while ensuring all issues are quickly and efficiently addressed.
  • Monitors and reports on the many various postassignment activities and transactions.

Improving access to critical data - A FORTUNE 500 company faced significant tax exposure due to unaudited payroll instructions. In addition, the company needed to realign its overall goals in order to realize cost efficiencies. By implementing KPMG LINK Enterprise, the client was able to take advantage of a central repository that was accessible to its many stakeholders and vendors. Today, the client has complete administrative control over its global mobility program, while the technology facilitates accurate, timely payroll instructions and access to data for analysis and decision making.

KPMG LINK Global Equity Tracker: a flexible, web based application that helps companies manage the payroll reporting and withholding obligations for incentive compensation of mobile employees.

Global Equity Tracker has tax rules for more than 145 countries and can be used for any type of incentive arrangement or even regular pay. It not only provides payroll instructions, but supports the entire process from collection of data through to settlement, communication, and even payroll reconciliation and helps ensure your employees receive the right amount at the right time.

KPMG LINK Business Traveller: helps companies and employees quantify the risks associated with entry requirements, income tax, social tax and permanent establishment.

  • Track the travel of all employees, including on-the-go tracking via the mobile app.
  • Provide instant trip analysis and guidance: fast, accurate and tailored tax, social security and immigration assessments.
  • View real-time travel assessments for employees contemplating business trips.
  • View management information, available 24/7, through a live digital dashboard and generate compliance reports detailing issues and next steps.
  • Receive regular updates to tax, social security and immigration rules and logic.

KPMG LINK Global Payroll Manager: helps streamline the collection and reporting of global compensation for traveling employees by leveraging automated data feeds, configurable cut-off dates and a reconciliation engine allowing you to see discrepancies in your payroll instruction and actual pay amounts.

  • Payroll reporting: create monthly, quarterly and annual payroll statements based on your chosen output style. Review dashboard reports and information on your employees’ payroll directly through the KPMG LINK Work Force dashboard.

Implementing more reliable controls - A client’s external auditor determined that the company lacked adequate controls to ensure they were properly capturing their entire short-term cross-border population. KPMG assisted the company in identifying their frequent business travelers and quantifying the level of exposure created by these domestic and international business trips. The company had under-accrued for the expenses related to the cross-border population (primarily the foreign and state tax liabilities created by their business travelers), and as a result, the company was required to make a $64M adjustment to their financials over a three‑year period.