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Responsible Tax in Challenging Times

Responsible Tax in Challenging Times

Global Responsible Tax Project


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Responsible Tax in Challenging Times

These are interesting times. We live in a messy and often contradictory world: one that is increasingly global and yet challenged by the rise of economic (tax) nationalism; one rifed with inequality and still determined to address the needs of the developing world; and one that, in a future dominated by automation and AI, will have to ask deeper questions on what needs to be taxed. These are just some of the issues that the Responsible Tax community is seeking to address.

The Global Responsible Tax project launched in January 2017, following a successful 18-month pilot in the UK with CoVi. The genesis for both the UK and global programs lies in the firm belief that tax is the entry fee we pay for a civilized society, sitting at the heart of the social compact. It was also clear that, given the complexity surrounding core issues related to tax and tax advice, a different, a more informed and more nuanced debate was urgently needed between many different stakeholders.

Under the sponsorship of Jane McCormick, Global Head of Tax, KPMG International, the Responsible Tax project has drawn together a community spanning global and local parliamentarians, policy leaders, business leaders, activists and campaigners, NGOs, academics and experts. It is a deliberately broad coalition, occupying a ‘safe space’ for honest and sometimes tough discussions on what are difficult issues, set against a backdrop where the status quo is not working and where highly polemicized and ill-informed argument frequently dominates. A set of Responsible Tax Principles help frame the wider conversations and set an important starting point.

The commitment is always to listen to and learn from multiple views outside the usual echo chambers, to escape corporate and campaigning platitudes and slogans, and to search for a new consensus. It is our ambition that this consensus will in time help shape and build a global movement, helping to inform all actors on the global stage.

The discussions continue to be captured and curated on the Responsible Tax global web platform, which we hope will grow in stature and reach as the project develops.

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