Video: KPMG LINK 360 - KPMG Global
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Video: KPMG LINK 360

Video: KPMG LINK 360

KPMG LINK 360 is a secure web-based application that can help you control your tax and compliance position.


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KPMG LINK 360 aligns tax and finance with the rest of the organization to deliver a 360-degree view of your company’s global compliance position, across teams, divisions and borders.

KPMG LINK 360 provides an efficient way to exchange information among internal teams or third-party providers, wherever they are in the world. It delivers transparency and access to reliable business information at the touch of a button. It frees up tax and finance personnel, empowering them to be proactive and add greater value to the business. And because it is hosted by KPMG, it puts minimal demands on your own IT resources and infrastructure.

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