Frontiers in Finance – December 2017

Frontiers in Finance – December 2017

This issue of Frontiers covers what senior Financial Services leaders are doing to deal with disruption and where they are in their transformational journey.

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Dealing with disruption, the business of transformation

In this edition of Frontiers in Finance we cover what senior leaders are doing to deal with disruption and where they are in their transformational journey.

We both illuminate the nature of the turbulence in which we our clients find themselves and explore strategies for successful responses. From the constant struggle with disruption and challenge; the transformation being driven by digital technology and the data revolution, the demands for greater customer centricity; and the continuing increase in the demands and constraints imposed by governments and regulators; the issues are far reaching and the solutions require a strategic approach.

Featured articles

  • Data strategy needs new mindset
    An exclusive interview with Mitsubishi UFJ's Executive Officer of Corporate Data about the new era of value-added data.
    Author: Kiyomi Uchi, KPMG in Japan 
  • Seizing the open banking advantage
    To succeed in this new world, where data and customers are shared, banks need to look beyond compliance, to consider how they can compete and innovate with new products and services.
    Authors: John Hallsworth, KPMG in the UK; Oliver Kirby-Johnson, KPMG in the UK; Jürgen Wagner KPMG in the UK
  • Customer Experience: the next battleground for success
    As asset managers realize that delivering customer experience excellence will drive future growth, they seek strategies to become customer centric.
    Authors: Amanda Hicks, KPMG Australia; Martin Rumsey, KPMG in the UK

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