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KPMG ECB Office Newsletters

KPMG ECB Office Newsletters

Our KPMG ECB Office Newsletters provide news and insights into issues relating to the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM).


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KPMG SSM Insights – Quarterly Newsletter

Every quarter, KPMG ECB Office seeks to cover the key issues that the ECB are talking about, and the questions and topics that KPMG member firms are discussing among banks and others in the industry. It aims to highlight both current and upcoming change by identifying potential effects on financial institutions' strategies and operations.

The articles in each newsletter focus on what we see as some of supervisors’ most pressing priorities. We hope that a better understanding of these issues will help banks to anticipate and meet the expectations of National Competent Authorities and the ECB.

Responding to COVID-19

In the time of volatility, we understand the importance in supporting you with timely resources and information, to help you navigate current challenges, adapt to the new normal and prepare for the future. During this time, we will be releasing a series of topic-specific publications instead of our regular quarterly newsletter.

To access all our materials since the outbreak of the pandemic, visit the dedicated hub here.

Last update: November 2020

Previous editions

January 2020 (PDF 546 KB)

October 2019 (PDF 91 KB)

July 2019 (PDF 570 KB)

April 2019 (PDF 558 KB)

December 2018 (PDF 411 KB)

October 2018 (PDF 134 KB)

June 2018 (PDF 125 KB)

March 2018 (PDF 123 KB)

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September 2017 (PDF 126 KB)

May 2017 (PDF 131 KB)

February 2017 (PDF 130 KB)

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