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Workers on the move - Managing new risks

Workers on the move - Managing new risks

Mitigating health, safety and security risks for work-related international travel and assignments.


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Workers on the move

In 2017, CEOs when ranking the key risks to their business placed reputational damage, tax and talent towards the top of the list.

It is widely understood by both employers and global authorities that the mobile workforce carries heightened compliance and reputational risks compared with ordinary employees. 

Tax, immigration and social security authorities in many jurisdictions are more actively scrutinizing non-compliance and have begun sharing information between different authorities and across borders.

Many large corporates have started to prioritize management of this issue and during 2017 have developed and rolled out plans to address mobile employee risks. Despite this, the KPMG GAPP survey shows that 43 percent of companies still do not have an owner of business traveler compliance.

The time to consider your business traveler risk, develop a plan and begin to take control is now. Workers on the move: Managing new risks (PDF 4.76 MB) is a white paper co-authored by KPMG, FERMA and International SOS and gives some practical guidance.

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