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How to humanize digital transformation

How to humanize digital transformation

Avoid the tech-trap and consider a people-first approach



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Digital Transformation

As the underbelly of modern business, digital and disruptive technologies are transforming industries at the speed of a swipe, a click, a voice command or even a slight movement. 

Considering all the hype and promise that comes with the hottest tech, it’s tempting for companies to overlook the human element of digital transformation efforts. To avoid such a tech-trap, businesses should engage in a people-first, and truly holistic approach to enterprise-wide digital transformation.

By focusing on human outcomes and identifying opportunities where technology can be leveraged to improve the business, organizations can cut costs, develop superior products, improve workflow, increase transparency and consistently deliver memorable experiences for consumers and employees alike.

This people-first approach will help connect the front, middle and back offices and pave the way towards successful digital transformation.

In the front-office

Understanding customers and their needs is central to successful digital transformation. Organizations looking to discern how much value is associated with customer experience (CX) need to decipher who exactly the customer is, what degree they value experience and establish how various lines of CX connect back to the business. 

In the customer experience realm, transformative projects include analytics-based customer segmentation, predictive marketing, personalization and enhancement of touch-points to align with customer journeys. 

In the middle-office

The meaning of middle-office varies depending on industry but it’s always about following through on the brand promise and delivering a great experience for both customers and employees. 

Here, digital transformation focuses on the workforce by empowering and affording employees access to data-driven decision making tools and ultimately, data-informed cognitive analytics that provide the visibility and means to react in real-time to market disruptions.

In the back-office

Businesses are under relentless pressure to drive down operating costs. In back-office, this translates to accelerating the transition from legacy IT processesincluding the use of digital labor and intelligent automation, freeing the human workforce for expert tasks and high-level decision making. 

This helps businesses identify real issues they never knew existed and leads to innovative digital and non-digital solutions they never imagined.

Discover how to achieve business-wide digital transformation and humanize the journey by exploring the Destination (un)known.

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