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Global Mobility Services - Data & Analytics

Global Mobility Services - Data & Analytics

Today’s competitive marketplace requires that organizations be strategic, agile, compliant and forward thinking in their approach to achieving their business goals; global mobility business objectives should have the same ambition. To achieve these objectives in the information economy, companies must use all of their available resources — including data.


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Global Mobility Services - Data & Analytics

Driving deeper insights and data enabled decisions

KPMG is an early innovator applying advanced analytics techniques and concentrating on putting insights into the hands of decision makers, to help enable evidence-based decisions and ensure that global mobility, talent and human capital are aligned with broader organizational goals.

We can help you understand and create “the story behind the data.” By concentrating on strategic performance analysis and value-added data sources, GMS and the KPMG LINK Work Force technology suite help enable you to drive efficiencies, enhance performance, mitigate risk and increase visibility within global mobility and across your organization.

GMS blends your data with our advanced analytics techniques to offer prescriptive and predictive insights into:

  • operational effectiveness 
  • assignment spend, cost control and budgeting 
  • root cause analysis of rising costs 
  • employee attrition anomalies 
  • post-repatriation retention
  • business-traveler and equity compensation exposure analysis 
  • career mobility and business unit success.

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