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Explore how D&A can add value to your business

Enabling the next wave of disruption and innovation

D&A can drive value, and trusted analytics can bring insights.

D&A can drive value, and trusted analytics can bring insights.

Deep domain and sector expertise

Our teams take a business-first approach to client issues of risk, cost and growth.

We work to...

  • Generate insights that drive profitable growth
  • Improve business confidence and speed to market
  • Improve your performance and seek to optimize efficiency

All supported by Advanced Analytics and Intelligent Automation.

Helping clients realize the promise of artificial intelligence

At KPMG, we define artificial intelligence (AI) as the practice of employing advanced analytical techniques and algorithms to train computers to use data from a wide variety of source and formats in order to automate tasks, create and accelerate informed decisions and enhance business insights that might not be available otherwise.

AI offers huge possibilities. However, realizing the promise of AI takes more than just technology. An organization’s approach must be grounded on a foundation of trusted data and analytics and deep-rooted domain knowledge.

KPMG offers clients access to KPMG Ignite, our ecosystem of best-in-class components, people and technologies, aimed at creating AI solutions that are custom-made for the most complex business problems.

The business implications related to AI are enormous and include potential improvements in areas including cost efficiency, productivity, predictability, reliability, scalability, innovation and even employee satisfaction.

At KPMG, we’re focused on helping our clients realize the promise of AI by providing guidance into the tools and approaches required to implement sustainable processes built on AI insights. 

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