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Delivering global business services (GBS) in a digital world

Delivering GBS in a digital world

Organizations are making steady progress toward increasing GBS maturity and driving benefits beyond just cost savings.



Global Head of Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory

KPMG in the U.S.


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Survey highlights

1. Many organizations are making steady progress in driving greater maturity on their GBS journey, with a continued focus on the IT and finance and accounting functions. The financial services sector is showing the most activity in change efforts. New investments are concentrated primarily in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), followed by data and analytics. These trends surpass historic levels of investments focused on the shared services and outsourcing service delivery models that are now common in most organizations


2. Organizations can employ two paths to drive increased GBS maturity for meaningful and measureable business outcomes:

  • Promoting and enhancing the use of intelligent automation (IA)
  • Evolving and enhancing IA governance capabilities to ensure IA benefits are maximized and IA efforts are well integrated into existing GBS efforts.


3. Over the long term, as the benefits of human-based labor arbitrage continue to decline, IA will have a major impact on staffing models, operating models, and the location of captive and third-party delivery centers. As more client organizations opt to invest in IA independently of third-party providers, there will be significant disruption to legacy outsourcing models and relationships with service providers.


4. In the short term, organizations will struggle with disparate and uncoordinated IA initiatives, underlying IT systems and applications that are fragmented, uncertainty over where to best start and invest, and challenges with change and talent management needs.


5. The biggest IA governance challenges today are:

  • Determining where to deploy digital labor
  • Addressing change and talent management issues
  • Renegotiating with third-party providers deploying digital labor to ensure IA opportunities are maximized and benefits from these investments are shared equitably between clients and providers.


6.The top two critical considerations for IA governance are:

  • Clearly defining roles and responsibilities for the new governance and operating organization
  • Effectively establishing end-to-end global process ownership; enterprises must also consider when and how to integrate third-party service provider governance with IA governance.


Learn more about Delivering GBS in a digital world (PDF 619.2KB) and the actions you should consider. 

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