A blueprint for success in healthcare data and analytics (D&A)

Blueprint for success: Healthcare data and analytics

A blueprint for using data to its full potential and enabling leaders to become innovators, while mitigating the risks associated with change.

Evan Rawstron

Global Co-Lead, KPMG Connected Enterprise for Health, KPMG International; National Sector Leader, Health, Ageing and Human Services

KPMG Australia

Illustration of man looking at computer screen with hand on head

Analytics will be one of the most valuable tools for transforming healthcare in the coming decade and will enable leaders and decision makers to manage the massive changes they are facing. Understanding and harnessing analytics will enable these leaders to become innovators and at the same time mitigate the risks associated with change. Yet, despite the huge potential of analytics to help improve care quality, make services more efficient and reduce costs, healthcare organizations around the world find it hard to use data to its full potential.

Why do they get stuck? Maybe they’re not sure how data and analytics (D&A) can be put to practical use to achieve clinical and operational goals. Maybe they struggle to create a compelling strategy and business case to justify investment or find the challenge of data being stuck in silos overwhelming. Maybe they find it difficult to implement their D&A plans amid other competing priorities.

Or maybe they simply get beguiled and overwhelmed by technology.

Whatever the reason, they need help to get unstuck. This blueprint sets out a simple approach for how healthcare organizations can extract greater value from their data and use it as a key driving force behind their operations.

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